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Posted on: 12/01/17


We have good news for you, Skylight Specialist Inc is producing quality Roto replacements. We have the Roto sizes you are looking for. Call us and we will make sure you get the right size made to the highest standards. If you have a cracked skylight, we can replace the top with energy efficient low-e argon gas filled tempered glass. Skylight Specialist manufactures skylights at our plant in Yaphank. Our skylights can be made with high grade tempered/tempered or tempered/laminate glass in either clear or bronze tint. Of course, the skylights can be fixed (non-opening) or vented. The vented units can be fitted with a manual operator or a motor for easy opening. The production team can also produce custom skylights to meet individual specifications and design needs. Skylight Specialist has gained a great following due to our ability to produce skylight replacement tops for other manufacturers such as Ventarama, Insula-Dome, Roto and ThermoVu. The team at Skylight Specialist is committed to providing the best skylights available along with the best service to achieve customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. The bottom line: Call us so we can help you select the perfect skylight to fit your individual needs. Visit us at: or

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